Package Information

$300 Booking Fee - Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
$200 Booking Fee - Dental
The booking fee for non-surgical cosmetic procedures is priced of inquiry. 
Accommodation Fees
AUD $70 or THB 2000 per night for 1 person
AUD $110 or THB 3000 per night for 2 people (shared room only)

The following is included in your package:


  • Transfers to and from the airport

  • Transfers to and from all hospital appointments

  • Accommodation

  • Breakfast (cereal/milk/bread/condiments) and snacks (biscuits)

  • Post-operative care

  • Surgery all booked in advanced

  • A Bangkokmakeovers staff member will attend all hospital appointments with you

  • Translator (our staff either speak English, Thai or both)

  • Bathroom essentials ie. Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap

  • Wireless internet

  • Cable TV

The following are a list of the many things we help to arrange but are not included in your package:

  • Dental appointments

  • Skin clinic appointments

  • Massages

  • Hair washing

  • Manicure & pedicures

  • Hair extentions

  • Eyelash extensions

  • Ordering meals

  • Tours around Bangkok

  • River cruises

  • Elephant riding

  • Grand Palace tours

  • Tattoos

  • Tailor made suits or dresses

  • Cooking classes​

The following services are available and incur a fee:

  • Shopping trips within Bangkok (AUD$25 per day) with private guide

  • Driver available (For a fee)

  • Nanny available (AUD$30 per day)

  • Washing and ironing available (For a fee)

Disclaimer: Bangkok Makevovers offers overseas medical travel to foreigners travelling to Bangkok, Thailand for plastic, cosmetic or dental surgery. Any medical information or advice provided to clients is provided by our medical team, hospital and dental clinic to who we are affiliated with. Regardless of how this website is outlined the information contained should not be interpreated as Bangkok Makeovers or its consultant team providing medical advice or recommendations. Please consult your doctor prior to considering plastic, cosmetic or dental surgery. 

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