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An amazing experience. From start to finish we were looked after more then we ever expected. My surgery, 1 of three of us went great!! Any questions or worries were answered straight away and we were reassured and felt so at ease. dr p did our op and he was marvelous!! Can not fault him or the BM staff as well as the hospital staff. All staff went out of their way to translate for us or help us understand. I recommend Rachel and her company to so many people day in and day out! Can not thank everyone enough and will DEFIANTLY be back haha! –- Caitlin


Surgery was 12th sept 2013. From start to finish the staff at BM were amazing. Theu answered all my email and trust me there were lots lol... DR P is amazing and funny man. I missed my kids lots while staying at the apartment but they helped me through that hard time by letting me have baby visits while they cleaned our apartment.. still to this day I still have contact with my new BM family . Hospital and staff were amazing.. I love my new boobs and thanks to BM team I know have my confidence back – Kelly


I had my surgery last May with dr p who is wonderful I also had major dentist work booked thru BM everything about this service is first class the ladies are wonderful and caring I couldn't speak more highly fabulous fabulous fabulous 20/10 service n pricing and apartments are lovely. Can't wait to visit again oh n I love my Boobs hehehehe –- Toni


I travelled to Bangkok alone leaving three children behind (youngest being 14 months) and had surgery on the 4th of January with Dr Preeyaphas, My surgery included a Tummy Tuck (with muscle repair and liposuction) and a Breast Lift with breast Augmentation. As soon as I arrived and met Rachel all my fears and apprehension vanished I knew within 5 minutes I was in good experienced hands and after meeting Dr P - that feeling was tripled. I am overwhelmed with my recovery and my results - I was back at work walking straight two weeks later -- My Tummy Tuck scar is so thin even after 4.5 weeks its barely noticeable - My tummy is completely flat and I have ABs already (after three children). By Breast lift and Augmentation is perfect! - I had an areola lift and even now the parts where the steri strips have come off there is no scaring. However it must be noted that its not just the results that are faultless - It was the service I received at Theptarin hospital and the support, laughs, and friendship I received from Rachel & her family, her staff and the other girls I met while there. Everything was arranged for me and they went well beyond the realms of there booking fee for the service I was given. The apartments were just immaculate. It all feels like a whirlwind dream -- I am 41 years old and feel I have the body of an 18 year old. And the results just seem to get better and better daily .. I would never consider going with any other company or surgeon if I felt I needed to go back to Thailand! I will always be grateful to Dr P and Bangkok makeovers for giving me a fresh outlook on life - and the confidence to keep fit and healthy for my children so I can be a much more engaging and present mother --Nikki


Melbourne cup last year I was in Bangkok getting my new boobs, this Melbourne cup I was wearing a nice low cut dress WITHOUT neeting to wear a bra or sticky cups or tape or any such lifting and holidng contraption. Still the best decision I have made for myself in a long time --Anonymous


A huge thankyou to Rachel, her family and staff at Bangkok Makovers for all their assitance and advice during my 13 day stay at the apartments. Love my dental work and absolutely loved my 1st ever overseas trip to Bangkok. I would thoroughly recommend Bangkok Makeovers to anyone and look forward to coming back one day soon -- Frank


I highly recommend Bangkok Makeovers. I was a little nervous as I came by myself and wondered how I would cope and if I would get the personalized care as having surgery is a big commitment. I can honestly say the service is outstanding and I was well taken care of. The staff check on you at least 3 times a day, make sure you eat and have everything you need. They show you where to have your hair washed, have massages and buy really healthy food which makes you feel better. From your very first enquiry until the day you leave and beyond nothing is too hard and all your queries are answered. They give you realistic expectations and the prices are beyond compare. My results are everything I hoped. I cannot rave about them enough and tell everyone I know who is thinking of surgery to go with Bangkok Makeovers. You won't be disappointed --Karen


I had my breast augmentation done with Bangkok makeovers 2 years ago today exactly! 
It was the most scary but amazing experience of my life! Dr P, Kade, Rachel, Megan, Joanne & all the staff was so welcoming! They made sure we were ok everyday! 
Because of the experience I had, and how professional everything was I will be going back to Bangkok in the near future! I tell people everyday : I will not have my Breast augmentation done in Australia, even if I was a millionaire, I'd go back to Bangkok any day & have my surgery done with Bangkok Makeovers & Dr. P because of the experience I had - would love to do it again! Thanks again guys for your amazing service! Will definitely see you in the near (VeRy NEAR) future! -- Robyn


I have visited Bangkok Makeovers for three consecutive years. In that time I've undergone Breast augmentation, vaginoplasty and an extended tummy tuck. I found Rachel and her staff very helpful, knowledgable as well as down to earth and comfortable to speak with. The hospitals and surgeons were first class, and the facilities both at the hospitals and the apartments are exceptional. I have no hesitation going back for more procedures, and would choose Bangkok over a local hospital in Australia. Id like to commend Rachel and her team. Thank you! -- Kelly


I went to Bangkok Makeovers for my breast augmentation and otoplasty in July 2013. I was a bit nervous going by myself but quickly found that I had nothing to worry about. Bangkok Makeovers took care of everything! Not only did they offer help with booking my surgeries but they also offered post-op care as well as emotional support. I felt completely safe and in good hands. Dr. P was my surgeon and he did amazing work. Now that I'm living in the USA and not Australia anymore, I'd still go back to BM and Dr. P in a heartbeat! Thank you, Rachel and Dr. P and the rest of the Bangkok Makeovers staff! -- Anonymous


Thank you Bangkok Makeovers! I had my first breast augmentation surgery in June 2011 and then I upgraded in July 2014. The first time I went over I was a little nervous but I had always wanted this so I knew it was the right decision for me. My surgery went great (minus the pain) and recovery was as to be expected, the first days are the hardest but it gets easier. When I upgrade I went from my 300cc Moderate Plus implants to 400cc High Profile. I am in love all over again. I love Bangkok Makeovers, the hospital, Dr P and I have a friend in Rachel for life. - Natasha


I had dental work done at Bangkok Makeovers as my insurance in Australia wouldn't cover the expenses. The dental surgery is great and as everything in one place. My root canal and crown were a success. Previously I used the dental clinic to have a clean, mouth guards made up as I am a teeth grinder, whitening trays and my partner had the same minus the mouth guard. Both very happy with our experience with the dentist and Bangkok Makeovers - D and N


Last year I had a mouth full of crumbling teeth that all needed rebuilding. I had never visited Thailand so I made my arrangements through Bangkok Makeovers, who made all my medical bookings and oversaw my treatment plan to make sure I ended up with the result I was looking for. Their package includes being driven to and from the airport and to and from the clinic, and also being set up in a nice apartment, so except for booking my own flights I had nothing to do but relax and enjoy myself. I particularly appreciated that every day somebody came to talk, or take me out to lunch, or arrange me a tour, and now I have memories of a surprisingly pleasant trip to the dentist. And I actually have a smile which (I have to admit) I still look at in the mirror sometimes.

How did I find out about BM? Word of mouth - my sister had the same thing done a year or so before me. She's happy too. - K


I Had an abdominoplasty with Bangkok Makeovers on the 2nd of January 2013 and from the time of booking, the experience has been amazing. Booking was extremely easy and the Bangkok Makeovers staff bent over backwards to accommodate my need to book on short notice. All Questions were answered promptly and in layman’s language that I could understand it fully! ! The booking process was very easy, I sent off the photos via email for the surgeons to look at and received a prompt reply as to the type of surgery required. I then sent my booking fee and my surgery date was then confirmed. During the whole booking process my multitude of questions were answered promptly by email. ! On arrival at Bangkok Airport, I was met at the luggage carousel by a hospital representative who then escorteOpen Sansdid me through security and to the hospital Stand at the airport to check in and confirm my arrival. I was then driven to the apartments by private Luxury car! ! The next morning I was met by Rachel to go to the hospital for surgery! The hospital was amazing! absolutely no waiting around. After checking in at the plastic surgery centre, I was taken for the standard chest x-ray and was taken straight through the process before being taken back to the surgery centre to see My surgeon Dr Chairat. Dr Chairat was amazing, explaining everything in very good english and answering all my questions patiently. Rachel was present throughout the whole process to give advice, opinions and reassurance! ! After paying for surgery I was taken straight through to the pre-surgery rooms and prepared for surgery. The Anesthetist came to talk to me and I was taken through! ! On waking up, the nurses were amazingly attentive and kind whilst extremely efficient. I never had to wait when pressing my call button, the longest i counted was 19 seconds! Rachel Or Megan visited me both days in hospital and picked me up when i was ready to go to the apartments. ! The apartments are amazing. had everything i needed right there and if not, one of the girls would arrange for it to happen! I received visits 3-4 times a day from Rachel, Johanne and Megan to check on my progress and felt very cared for. And if i needed anything, i knew Rachel was only a phone call away 24/7! ! After returning to australia I continued my healing process after an amazing experience with Bangkok Makeovers, safe in the knowledge that if I had any concerns I could email Skype or ring Rachel and ask anything i needed to. I am now fully healed and ready to fulfill my lifelong dream of joining the police force now, with the help of Bangkok Makeovers, I am physically able to do so! ! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bangkok Makeovers to anyone. The whole experience was amazing and medically better than any service I have received in Australia and I will definitely use them again should the need arise.

Many thanks to Bangkok Makeovers!!! - Anonymous


I have just had removal of breast implants & a mid face & neck lift. The surgeon was Dr Preeyaphas (known as Dr P by all his happy & revisiting patients) and also Dr Chairat- both we'll known in their expertise for plastic surgery. I was Orin ally booked in for removal & replace of breast implants but as my implants were originally put in around 30 years ago - both had began to leak & one was effected by "high capsulation" where the breast had in internal infection, was enlarged, quite hard & warm to feel. As implants don't last for ever it was well & truly time to change them over. I recovered from surgery & was advised that the Dr was unable to put new implants in as the there was so much gloop & silicon that had spread throughout my breast tissue - I was quite devastated at the time however, when I saw the images from the operation - I could understand why. No Dr would have put new implants in that environment. He recommended that I could return back for the implants in a year or so time when the breast tissue had mended & was healthy again. I was due for my next procedure 2 days later- mid facelift & neck lift. Was advised not to have the both surgeries together as there may have been complications with my breast ( and there were) & this would be too long a time under anaesthetic. The hospital used was Theparin Hospital - A private hospital with international standards. The hospital medical & nursing staff deliver warm and exceptional care from start to finish. I have never known such a high standard of care ever. Nothing was a problem at all , I actually felt that the nursing staff were like family & genuinely felt that they had gone above & beyond the call of duty. My private spacious room had a large TV with international channels, a lounge & dining room, fridge microwave & balcony- more like an apartment then a hospital room. I feel there is really no need to pay the high prices of Bumingrad or Yanhee or other "5" star hospitals. The facelift was carried out and at the early stage of just a week I am more then happy with the results. There is a little bruising & swelling but this is to be expected & will subside in a matter of weeks. My breasts have recovered very well and I may not even have to go ahead with implants as there is a bit there (obviously I am heavier then I was when the original implants were put in at the age of 18). Bangkok Makeovers was the company I used to have everything put into place. Managed & operated by an Australian lady who is the backbone of this hugely successful family business. Their packages include everything from start to finish. The staff & service was 2nd to none. From meet at the airport, to transport & translation at the hospital, follow up appointments & transport to same. Bangkok Makeovers have several apartments which are located in the north of the city. Close to shopping centres , a supermarket, hairdresser, chemist are only steps away. Taxis to the hustle & bustle of the city centre are only $3-5 away. Apartments are a good place for recovery - and the rates offered are very reasonable- there is much more room then a hotel room & the flexibility of being able to make your own meals if required & the area of space is most appreciated when it is requested to "take it easy" for the first few days. The apartments are serviced daily & BM check daily that your stitches are going ok & apply the medication & also converse with the surgeon as to the progress of recovery. So instant advice is on hand throughout. No guessing on your part required. If you do want to do a shopping trip in the post opp time staff are available to take you directly to the shopping malls, will guide you to the decent shops ( as there are thousands of them) & carry your bags for you - saving pain stress on your recent breast surgery. I would highly recommend Bangkok Makeovers for Breast surgery & facelift surgery. Actually I think if the same experience was had I would say that any cosmetic or dental procedure would be carried out in the highest utmost level. I have been an International Travel Agent for the past 25 years & will be adding Cosmetic Holidays in Thailand as recommendations as a one stop destination to have your "bits fixed " or to "add on" after a relaxing break on one of the southern sandy beaches, or one of the many cultural experiences of Thailand to be had. - Anonoymous


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