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About Us

Bangkok Makeovers is run by Rachel, an Australian who has been living in Thailand for the past 9 years. She runs a small service for foreigners coming to Thailand for Plastic Surgery as it is reasonably cheaper in Thailand with the world class hospitals. Rachel and her staff will take care of you to ensure that your stay in Bangkok is enjoyable. Her apartments are in a luxury high rise complex with great facilities and only a short distance to the city center  Our apartments have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms which means that you will have a chance to meet others who are also having surgery.​

The services provided include organization of the surgeon, hospital, transfers and accommodation for you in advance with no unexpected waiting around. The fees are straight forward and exceptionally reasonable with no hidden costs.​

Unlike 'agencies' who organise plastic surgery in Thailand, Rachel and her team are personally involved in your care and will only use surgeons and facilities whom they personally trusts and have had experience with.


We look forward to meeting you in Bangkok. 


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