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Surgery Guarantee

Bangkok Makeovers offers a surgery guarantee to all clients undertaking surgery. Bangkok Makeovers have a responsibility to our clients to ensure that surgeries performed by our surgeons go as smoothly as possible so that you can have peace of mind that you are in good hands. We want all of our clients to be confident and happy with their surgeries and that you are not being put at any undue risk. Bangkok Makeovers only works with surgeons that we personally trust and believe in and have either experienced or seen their work first hand. We have a responsibility to advise our clients that their are risks with any surgery whether performed in your home country or aboard. We require all our clients to be in good health and advise of any pre-existing medical conditions prior to having surgery. If you deemed to be a high risk we will be unable to offer your surgery as we will not risk our clients lives. We ask that clients have realistic expectations prior to their surgery. It is important you listen to the advice given to you on pre and post operative care and follow the doctors advice and all recovery instructions provided to you. If you do not understand please ask for clarification. 


If any surgery is deemed at fault of the surgeon Bangkok Makeovers surgeons will not charge their fee to correct their mistake. However, this is the surgeon fee only and DOES NOT include any hospital fees, medication costs, flights to return to Bangkok and your home country or accommodation costs.


Unfortunately, smokers will not be covered by our guarantee as smoking can cause a lot of negative post operative concerns and risks that we are unable to assist with. 


If you are unsure about this guarantee please contact us for further information. 



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