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Our Apartments

Bangkok Makeovers offers full serviced apartments in the heart of Chatachuk, Bangkok, Thailand. Our model of accommodation is share based accommodation where you stay in the 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and have your own room and bathroom but are able to meet others having surgery. We also offer a studio and 1 bedroom apartments for those who do not wish to share. 99% of clients love the share apartments as most of our clients tend to travel alone and this gives them the opportunity to make new friends who are having surgery too. Many of our clients end up making long life friends and are able to find buddies to go shopping with, get massages, have their hair done or just relax and watch movies.


We require all our plastic surgery clients to stay in the apartments for the allocated timeframe for the surgery you are having. This is so the team at Bangkok Makeovers can monitor your progress and so if anything is needed we can get to you as soon as possible. In some cases, clients are unable to stay the full duration so if this is the case please ensure you discuss your options with your case manager. 


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